The System

Helps people who help people.

The moio

Smart core, light shell.

The central component of the system is the moio, a flat,
smooth and flexible sensor module. Inside, smart sensor, evaluation and wireless technologies can be found, allowing for completely flexible and mobile usage. The moio constantly processes sensor information and interprets it independently.

Only when it recognises a concrete need, the moio establishes a data connection and transmits the necessary information to the From there, everybody responsible for care will be notified via the on their mobile end device and can provide help where needed.

Comfort with a light touch.

The moio is worn on the back, directly on the skin and under clothing. Here, it is hardly noticeable and cannot be seen, thereby preventing any potential feeling of stigma. Three different options for wearing the device on the back have been developed for constant, tolerable attachment:

Velcro Plaster

A thin adhesive strip with special surface is all that is needed to
secure the moio

Plaster Bag

A self-adhesive bag made of silicon and fabric encases the moio for a particularly smooth feeling when wearing.


The non-adhesive alternative where a soft fabric band goes around the hip.

The App

Simple. Keep an eye on everything.

The can be downloaded for free from the Google Playstore (Android) and the Apple AppStore (iOS)
Access to individual patient profiles can be made by entering private personal codes.


Simple overview of
all relevant information.

Individually adjustable

All functions can be individually
activated and individually

Intended for action

In case of emergency
all neccessary information
are clearly displayed.


The charger

The supplied charger allows the moio to be charged wirelessly.

The Bluetooth-Beacon for indoor location

The beacon is plugged into the socket like a night light and is given a logical description within the system (such as room 2,011, Mrs Smith, 2nd floor). When used to identify the indoors location, the moio listens to the beacon it hears loudest. This is the one which is closest.

The rasperry pi for connecting to the nursecall system

The system can communicate with thenursecall system using this small Internet-capable computer. It is addressed via the Internet and converts the information into an understandable signal for the nursecall system. This bridges the gap between the two technologies.