The smart care patch. Optimised for professional care. Coming in 2019.

moio sensor module

This exceedingly flat, flexible and soft sensor module is the heart of the system. It contains all the sensors, evaluation intelligence and the mobile phone module. The moio collects and interprets sensor information and only establishes a data connection when specific action is needed.

Pouch patches for attaching the moio

The pouch patches stay on the skin for about a week before they need to be changed. This keeps the moio safely in place. The wearer hardly notices it due to the elastic fabric.

Bluetooth beacon for locating indoors

The beacon is plugged into the socket like a night light and is given a logical description within the system (such as room 2,011, Mrs Smith, 2nd floor). When used to identify the indoors location, the moio listens to the beacon it hears loudest. This is the one which is closest.

Raspberry Pi for connecting to the home alarm system

With the help of this small computer with Internet access, the system can communicate with the house call system. It is addressed via the Internet and converts the information into an understandable signal for the paging system. This bridges the gap between the two technologies.

Large charger for up to 8 moios

Depending on the configuration, the battery life of a moios is between 24 and 48 hours.

In the charger, the batteries of the sensor modules are recharged wirelessly. They are simultaneously disinfected by UV light and a special plasma so that they can be used again fresh and germ-free.

The charging cycle takes about 90 minutes.

App in Entwicklung

Ab dem Marktstart wird unsere für iOS- & Android-Smartphones/-Tablets verfügbar sein.

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