The smart care patch. Optimised for home care. Coming in 2019.

moio sensor module

This exceedingly flat, flexible and soft sensor module is the heart of the system. It contains all the sensors, evaluation intelligence and the mobile phone module. The moio interprets sensor information and only establishes a data connection when specific action is needed.

Pouch patches for attaching the moio

The pouch patches stay on the skin for about a week before they need to be changed. This keeps the moio safely in place. The wearer hardly notices it due to the elastic fabric.


The battery charger supplied allows the moio sensor module to be charged wirelessly within approximately 90 minutes.

App in development

Our app for iOS- & & Android smartphones / tablets will be available after market launch.

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    Regelmäßige Updates zur Entwicklung, zu Beta-Tests & dem Markstart von moio!