The most frequently asked questions and answers about our Telecare solution, the moio.care smart care patch: To give you a quick overview we have divided the questions received into the following subject areas.

Don’t the app notifications interrupt the flow of the carer’s work?

  • The work flow will evolve through using the moio.care system. Some routines will no longer be necessary, others will be interrupted by a notification.
    Overall, we are convinced that moio.care can improve the quality of care, as help is given exactly when it is needed (event-induced) and at the same time the burden on the carer is reduced, as many unnecessary routines can be omitted. The moio.care app only notifies you when specific action is needed. At the same time, the amount of information is limited to the bare essentials.


Does moio replace carers?

  • No! The moio.care system provides better information about the condition of the person being cared for. This can reduce unnecessary checks and routine activities and result in having more time at your disposal, for engaging in interpersonal care for example.
    Our approach is to support carers in their core tasks with technical assistance, not to replace them.


What about skin sensitivity, does the constant wearing of a patch not lead to skin irritation in patients?

  • We work with leading wound dressing specialists to develop the moio pouch patch. Hypo-allergenic, breathable materials suitable for wearing over long periods of time are used for the pouch patch. Its surface is only intermittently adhesive on the side which touches the skin, so that if the patch is used in the same area several times, the same area of skin is not affected every time.
    Nevertheless, we cannot avoid some stress on the skin. Each individual’s skin sensitivity should always be tested in a suitable place beforehand. Someone with known skin sensitivity should not use the patch.


The moio.care pouch patch is meant be worn on the skin for up to one week. What about skin sensitivity?

  • The pouch patch has been developed in cooperation with specialists in the field of wound care. Of course, the wearer should always be checked for skin sensitivity.


Face to face human contact is extremely important in a carer’s work. Don’t you lose this sort of contact by using technological aids?

  • No – quite the opposite. Our approach is to use technological aids to reduce tasks that prevent the carer from actually caring for the patient, for example paperwork. This results in more time for “quality contact” with those being cared for.


Safety monitoring care aids such as wristwatches or necklaces are often seen by patients as intrusive and sometimes taking them off involves considerable effort or risk of injury. What is different about moio care patches?

  • This is exactly why we have decided on this special form of patch. Since the moio is worn on the back, under clothing, no one can see it. Due to its thin, soft and flexible design, the wearer hardly notices it. So it is not seen as a cumbersome appliance, and there is no impulse to remove it.
    If the moio really is bothersome, it can be removed without risk of injury. This was important to us. Carers receive a message via the wearer’s monitor as soon as the moio loses contact with the body.

When will the carer receive a notification on the moio.care app?

  • All functions of the moio.care system can be switched on and off individually and configured individually for each user. Caregivers are only notified of events that they have defined beforehand.

How does the data transfer take place?

  • The data between the moio and the moio.care server is transmitted via TCP/IP with 256 Bit AES encryption via the GSM mobile phone network. The moio uses all available data networks (Telekom, Vodafone, O2, E-Plus). The data between the moio.care server and the moio.care app are also transmitted encrypted via an Internet connection. Whether via network cable, W-LAN or mobile radio depends on how your computer, smartphone or tablet is connected to the Internet.


What does it look like when you have several patients wearing a patch, are they all displayed in one app?

  • Yes, if the maintainer has read access to several moios, all information is clearly displayed in one app.


Are the patients not under permanent control due to the GPS locating function?

  • Yes and no. Yes, because during geofencing the position of the carrier has to be checked again and again. To do this, the moio regularly switches on its Bluetooth and GPS antennas and determines the current location. No, because the moio checks the position, but does not store or transmit the data as long as everything is in order. Since no location data is transferred to the moio.care server during regular operation, no movement profile can be created.location data is only transferred to the moio.care server and from there to the moio.care app when the geofence has been exited and an alarm condition occurs. This is necessary so that the person can be found quickly. The transmission ends when the geofence has been re-entered.

How much does the moio.care system cost?

  • The moio.care Home for the home costs 59.95 EUR per month plus a one-time setup fee of 25.00 EUR.
    There is still no final pricing for the moio.care Pro system.


What happens if a device fails, who takes over the costs?

  • In both the moio.care Home and the moio.care Pro, the moios are not bought but rented by the customer. If a moio is defective, we replace it quickly and easily with a new moio.

Who decides on the use of the patch if patients are no longer able to give their consent due to their dementia?

  • As part of our duty of care, we ask during the ordering process with which authorization carers want to use the moio.care system. This can be the informed consent of the patient, legal care, a proxy or a decision of the district court. In addition, when configuring the individual functions, we point out which legal framework conditions must be observed and where the line between regular and improper use runs. As manufacturers, we cannot and must not control how the system is ultimately used by customers. The legal application is the responsibility of the customer.


Does the application of the patch not restrict the patient’s right to freedom of movement within the meaning of Article 2(2) of the Basic Law?

  • All functions of the moio.care system aim to provide more independence, freedom and privacy for carers and the well-groomed. The moio.care system generates information, but does not restrict the patient’s physical freedom of movement at all. As long as location information is used to gain knowledge of the place of residence, it is not a custodial measure. Only if the patient is repeatedly and permanently prevented from leaving the house, e.g. by the staff, with the help of the location information, would the application of the moio.care system be classified as a custodial measure.