moio. The smart care patch.

Our smart TeleCare system helps you as a carer in countless challenging situations.

Get support for the challenges of being a carer:

We increase the quality of life of carers and the people they care for using targeted and timely information. We are actively shaping the care of tomorrow – innovative, efficient, interconnected


Virtual indoor and outdoor geofencing triggers an alarm when a person who is disoriented leaves their defined areas. This leads to greater freedom of movement both for those who are affected and their carers, and provides a great sense of relief for both.

Fall Detection

moio’s acceleration and position sensor reliably detects falls. It also sends a notification if people who are vulnerable to falls try to get out of bed. Timely assistance can significantly reduce the number of falls.

Pressure Sore Prevention

The moio monitors the length of time since the last change of position. Carers are informed as soon as a defined interval has elapsed with no movement. This means that you only have to assist with changes of position when they are needed, and unnecessary interventions are avoided.

Active Tracking

moio can determine the position of a person who is disoriented at any time through its activity tracking system – both indoors and outdoors. This significantly reduces the effort needed for a search.

Wearer Monitoring

The moio constantly checks whether it is actually worn on the body. If it is accidentally removed or lost, the carers are notified immediately.

Activity Profile

The moio can evaluate when and how much the person wearing it has moved. For example, the activity profile created from this provides information about day-night rhythms or how much energy they use.

At home or in hospital: the choice is yours

The system is available in two versions

The MOIO Team

Let us introduce ourselves

Jürgen Besser
Managing Director

Degree in Sports Science (Univ.)
M.Sc. Gerontology (Univ.)
MBA Healthcare Management (Univ.)

Brief CV

Jürgen Besser holds an academic degree in sport science, he also majored in gerontology (M.Sc) and has a MBA in healthcare management. For more than 10 years, the now CEO of MOIO GmbH has been a research associate at the research institute IDC, which belongs to Wilhelm Löhe University of applied science, here he managed multiple programs exploring assistance systems for elderly. In those projects he focused mainly on finding ways to include the users and developing new business models.
Since 2017 he is the CEO and founder of MOIO GmbH.

Günter Maximilian Hefner
Technical Manager

Degree in Engineering (Univ.)


Brief CV

Maximilian Hefner studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich and graduated in 1985. He has more than 25 years of experience in management and business development in various industry segments from factory automation, security technology, computer electronics to mobile phones and smart cards. Since 2015 he has been managing partner of eesy-innovation GmbH, which, in close cooperation with a leading German semiconductor manufacturer, has been developing and exploiting promising technical laboratory samples to market maturity. In his function as technical manager, he has been significantly involved in the development and planned market launch of the telecare system since 2017. eesy-innovation GmbH is both partner and strategic-technical partner of MOIO GmbH.

Natalie Heckel
Executive Assistant

B.A. Healthcare Management


Brief CV

Natalie Heckel holds a Bachelor’s degree in “Management in the Health and Social Market” from Wilhelm Löhe University in Fürth. In March 2018, she began her Master’s degree in “Economics in Social and Health Care” at the Evangelical University of Nuremberg.

From 2016 to 2017 she worked as a student assistant at the Research Institute of the Wilhelm Löhe University in order to participate in the BMBF research project “SeLe – Sensors for a better life”. This project involved the development of a sensor for non-invasive measurement of dehydrogenation. For example, Ms Heckel was involved in questioning and evaluating interviews with care managers and nursing staff, which allowed a deep insight into the daily lives of caregivers and their needs.

During her studies, Ms. Heckel spent ten months in the Netherlands to complete an internship with OMRON Healthcare Europe, the world market leader in blood pressure monitors. There she gained valuable experience in the field of medical marketing, e.g. at exhibitions of international medical congresses.

She has been contributing her experience to the MOIO GmbH team since January 2018.

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