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Our smart TeleCare system helps you as a carer in countless challenging situations.

Get support for the challenges of being a carer:

We increase the quality of life of carers and the people they care for using targeted and timely information. We are actively shaping the care of tomorrow – innovative, efficient, interconnected


Virtual indoor and outdoor geofencing triggers an alarm when a person who is disoriented leaves their defined areas. This leads to greater freedom of movement both for those who are affected and their carers, and provides a great sense of relief for both.

Fall Detection

moio’s acceleration and position sensor reliably detects falls. It also sends a notification if people who are vulnerable to falls try to get out of bed. Timely assistance can significantly reduce the number of falls.

Pressure Sore Prevention

The moio monitors the length of time since the last change of position. Carers are informed as soon as a defined interval has elapsed with no movement. This means that you only have to assist with changes of position when they are needed, and unnecessary interventions are avoided.

Active Tracking

moio can determine the position of a person who is disoriented at any time through its activity tracking system – both indoors and outdoors. This significantly reduces the effort needed for a search.

Wearer Monitoring

The moio constantly checks whether it is actually worn on the body. If it is accidentally removed or lost, the carers are notified immediately.

Activity Profile

The moio can evaluate when and how much the person wearing it has moved. For example, the activity profile created from this provides information about day-night rhythms or how much energy they use.

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